Rescue Pit Bull Turned Therapy Dog Is The Most Awkward “Dingus” In Existence

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

April 28, 2016

Before Patrick began his career as the most awkward therapy dog on Earth, he was a stray on the streets of Chicago. When his mom, Morgan Campbell, first met him, Patrick was already three days beyond his scheduled euthanasia date at Chicago Animal Care and Control.


The rescue group Peace for Pits plucked Patrick from the shelter, and it was through them that he came to become a foster fail and the newest addition to Morgan’s quirky family.

Aside from Patrick, Morgan currently has a permanent pup named Peyton, 1 foster dog, 3 cats, 3 sugar gliders, 2 bearded dragons, 1 anole, 1 ferret, 1 guinea pig, a Flemish giant rabbit, and a turtle. Oh, and 3 human kids – or as Morgan calls them, “smooth children.”

It was instantly apparent that Patrick is a certified dingus – he hates being outside and is appalled at the thought of lying on the floor. His gigantic silver body is perpetually perched on some piece of furniture. If Patrick had his way, his feet would never touch the ground at all.  Morgan describes him as “the best worst dog on the planet.”

The Campbell family is more than happy to put up with Patrick’s strange peccadilloes because: A) He’s a rescue dog, so who knows what he’s been through, B) it’s endlessly amusing to watch his antics, and C) Patrick saved Morgan’s life – more than once.


Morgan suffers from severe Type 1 Narcolepsy which can cause her to fall. During Patrick’s time as a foster dog, she sustained serious injuries from a fall onto the solid oak floor. She lost consciousness and suffered a concussion and deep lacerations.

At the time, Morgan was living alone and may have lay undiscovered with a head injury if not for Patrick. He barked continuously in his signature harp seal manner to keep Morgan conscious. When she was ready to try to stand, Patrick supported her weight with his huge Pibble body so that she could get to the phone and call for help.


Morgan has survived two similar accidents with Patrick’s assistance. She now works exclusively from home painting stunning wildlife portraits. She still has occasional episodes of falling from her condition, but none as life-threatening as previous. Plus, Patrick is always there to lend a big, muscular paw when she needs it.


Aside from his therapy dog duties, Patrick also helps out with the foster dogs from Peace for Pits that the Campbell family regularly take in. Together, Morgan and Patrick modeled for the fabulous Peace for Pits pinup calendar. Their relationship is one of mutual love and adoration – they saved each other’s lives, after all.


Patrick has so many more delightful video examples of his dingus-ness on his Facebook page, Patrick the Pibble. This one of Patrick’s reaction to being “yelled at” by the family’s 3 sugar gliders is not to be missed! Do your funny bone a favor and check them out!

Featured Image via Patrick the Pibble/Facebook

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

April 28, 2016

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