15 Of The Most Patriotic Pups You’ve Ever Seen

Memorial Day is celebrated to remember those who have given their lives in military service. We wouldn't want to forget about the brave war dogs that protect our country's freedom either. For both humans and pups alike, today these dapper dogs are honoring them dressed in their Memorial Day best. 1. This fluffy Corgi in dapper red, white, and blue. normathefluffycorgi 2. "I wanted to pay my respect for our troops in the grandest way pawssible." lolasnorts 3. Reppin' the U.S. of A through and through. thewrigglemonster 4. "Does this bandana bring out the blue in my eyes?" ruddythetoller 5. "Snuggy for the U.S.A" icksvicks 6. "Do I look spiffy now?" kellysaralynne 7. "Stars and stripes forever? Nope, just stars." clixpv 8. "I get a treat for dressing up like this, right?" aplindiana 9. So stoic. Very loyal. katiebevacqua 10. In pawnor of those that fought for this great nation. sinatranfrank 11. "What's better than one patriotic hats? Two, of course!" _sally_rose_ 12. On the way to a Memorial Day pawty! kapsnkey 13. Double the festivities, double the fun. ms_fancypants_ 14. Nothing goofy about celebrating Memorial Day. streboraeynotandyensid 15. This guy winning the most patriotic contest paws down. longdonandtitus

Featured image via @kelly.porter

Emily Wang

7 years ago

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