Pet Airways Has Closed Its Doors To Globetrotting Pups

Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 27, 2015

Pet Airways was a great way for pups to travel happily and safely. For an average cost of $500 per flight, pets were attended to by caring humans and checked on every 15 minutes.

Due to financial trouble, Pet Airways was forced to close.

Flying in a cargo hold can be dangerous and frightening, with inconsistent temperatures and ventilation. And flying with your pup in the plane’s cabin has size restrictions. Unless you’re raking in big bucks, chartering a private plane for you and your pooch is too pricey. How can our dogs travel with ease?

"I'm the co-pilot."
“I’m the co-pilot.”

There is one alternative called People and Pets Air. They will fly your pup to any airport in the continental U.S. Like Pet Airways, they constantly monitor your dog to be sure they are safe. Currently, People and Pets Air only serves rescue groups, shelters and other non-profit causes. These flights are entirely funded through their PAWFund.


The company will start accepting reservations from the general public in October 2015.

For those looking for more information on flying with your pet, check out our comprehensive airline guide, Everything You Need To Know About Flying With Your Dog.

Featured image via Puppy Toob

Written by: Stephanie Valente

July 27, 2015