This Pit Bull Is Downright Terrified Of A Baby Chicken (And It’s Glorious)

Note: She's actually not all that scared. If there's one thing I love more than videos of Pit Bulls, it's videos of Pit Bulls with other animals, like the world-famous filmography of the late great Sharky the Pit Bull and his feline, chicken, and rabbit siblings. There's just something so inspiring about seeing two completely different animals make a connection that transcends things like size, species, and animal kingdom politics. Pit Bull Running From Baby Chicken But this? This is not that kind of video. No, in this video, Mina the one-eyed Pit Bull isn't so much "connecting" with the baby chicken as she's running in terror from her. In fact, the chicken in this video is basically the silent, unrelenting serial killer in every single slasher horror film going back to 1974. There's Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees...and Microscopic Chicken Baby. On the plus side, Mina the Pit Bull makes for an incredible heroine in the vein of Ripley from the Alien movies or Laurie Strode from Halloween.
Featured image via Boom the Pit Bull

Benjamin Moore

6 years ago

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