Dogs Are Being Shot By Police. This Documentary Demands To Know Why.

***The content below may offend sensitive readers as it explores an extremely controversial subject and may be difficult to watch, so maybe hug your pup before and after reading.***

Of Dogs & Men makes the startling claim that 10,000 dogs a year are killed by law enforcement officers. The question director Michael Ozias wants to answer: are these shootings the result of irresponsible decisions made by officers, or are police men and women doing the best they can in a very difficult situation?


“For a long time a dog would get shot and all the officer would have to say is that the dog was vicious and that they feared for their life,” Ozias said to to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “But now we’re seeing cracks in the impunity veneer.”

However, we are seeing strides in legislation for some states, such as Colorado and Texas, which addresses training for police responding to locations housing dogs.


“The problem currently is that states, counties, and cities rarely take the issue seriously until a horrible incident sparks outrage and brings these shootings a lot of local attention. Our hope is that the documentary can help solve that problem by shining a light on it at a national level so more dogs don’t have to be shot in order to see progress,” Ozias told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Whatever your opinion on this controversial subject, a productive dialogue about growing statistics of dog fatality in police encounters is clearly a conversation worth having. After all, the families of both the officers and dogs just want the same thing: for their loved one to be safe.

Watch the trailer for the powerful documentary here:

h/t to The Daily Caller News Foundation

Laura Hartle

7 years ago