Can You Guess The World’s Most Popular Fur Color?

We love pups of all colors, sizes, breeds. But, could there be a specific shade that is the most popular of them all? 7 According to The Daily Mail, Red or auburn haired pups see the quickest rate of adoption. 6 [bp_related_article] Giles Webber, Dogs Trust Operations Director, claims that red haired dogs find homes "3 days quicker than average." 2 Why is this color so popular? Is it because of its rarity? Does it make pups more noticeable? 3 While some rescues and shelters aren't sure, they're using the color of the moment to help dogs find forever homes. 5 Dogs Trust is making a concerted effort to find home for dogs of the red persuasion and wants their adoption events to coincide with National Redhead Day. Pawhaps, it would be a good idea for shelters in the States to follow suit to raise more adoption awareness!
H/t via Daily Mail
Featured image via @knox_and_bear

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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