Post-Thanksgiving Photo Dump

Hey guys. Benji here. Awright, here’s what’s up: The BarkPost team ate too much turkey yesterday. Like, Will has been lying on the floor since… 6 pm last night? And I tried poking Mom awake today and she just said “hooooooorn”, no idea what that meant. (maybe it was like a yawn or something? She mighta been saying “more corn”? Seriously, you humans make no sense when you’ve eaten too much.) Anyway looks like I’ve gotta do the email. I’ve never done this before so…here are a bunch of pictures I saved on my phone. Enjoy! htwbgpj kyphqv1 m4vxhlk Wait…I don’t want that in there…how do i delete that? ugh, okay never mind I’ll just leave it. benji-1 img_0411 Actually, I look kind of cute in this one. img_0407 oldycpp sj7yquc tpoewcv udpowck vyvemkt ygdswnq y61c4ew kwdiems gwmzjqt ewd9peu zhlx2ty I hope you enjoyed my random collection of pictures. Have a lazy weekend. XoXo Sir Benjamin Barkington (Benji)

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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