20 Weird Things That Happen When You Desperately Want A Dog

It hits you. You wake up and suddenly realize you want -- no, need -- a dog. Every day you see your neighbors, friends, and co-workers posting pictures of their dogs on Facebook and it makes you green with envy. Does this sound like you? If so, here are some other things you're probably guilty of, too. 1. Every time you look at pictures of your friends' puppies... 6g0EJQ7 turn into a blubbering mess. dogless-dog-ppl-12 2. Your days begin to revolve around whether you've encountered a dog or not. dogless-dog-ppl-14 3. And even your life goals become dog-oriented. 4. You try other types of pets. 11349396_879200175452707_158110845_n (1) 5. You also start stocking up on dog-related products. dogless-dog-ppl-9 6. But it still doesn't fill the empty void of not having a dog. 11252604_1641636076082571_1273304806_n 7. So you start lurking at dog parks like a creeper. giphy (3) 8. But being surrounded by other people's dogs leaves you feeling super envious. dogless-dog-ppl-11 9. So you start telling everyone you want a dog. dogless-dog-ppl-1 10. And on Christmas you expect this. best-friend-order 11. But instead you get this. so-sad 12. Which makes you feel like this. giphy (4) 13. Your need for a dog intensifies. dogless-dog-ppl-6 14. Dog people stop inviting you to parties because you can no longer be trusted. 15. "I don't know how they got there!" dogless-dog-ppl-3 16. You inevitably ambush a shelter. dogless-dog-ppl-5 17. But reality sets in. 2WovXpi 18. Now you're back to admiring your friends' dogs on Instagram. dogless-dog-ppl-1 19. Which, when you think about it, isn't too bad. After all, your friends call you whenever they need a pet sitter. 11821771_522567194568816_1990609453_n 20. Maybe you'll get a dog next year. ;) Then you can become a crazy dog person like the rest of us. dog-ppl-5

Featured image via @imgavi

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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