This Dog Has A Cleft Lip, And She’s Giving The World A Reason To Smile

After being featured on Instagram's Weekly Fluff, Puka and her BFF Rocket Larry (an African Sulcata tortoise) have become an Internet sensation. Puka is an amazing 4-year-old mixed breed dog with a charismatic cleft lip, owned by Christine Hilberg in California. The household is home to several animals, but Puka and Rocket Larry really took to each other. We've featured her before here on BarkPost, but since then, her adventures have only gotten better. Here are some of her more recent fantastic photos, courtesy of Christine's Instagram account! 1. "Oh em gee, this hold music is the worst." PukaPhone 2. Bacon. Must have bacon. Puka2 3. Rocket Larry doesn't need a special occasion for a top hat. PukaLarry1 4. One of the many ways Puka makes Christine laugh every day. Puka4 5. Kibble is a girl's best friend. Puka3 6. Rocket Larry may be a little bit jealous. PukaLarry2 7. Mornings. Ugh. Puka5 8. These two make Hawaiian look good. PukaLarry3 9. Super Puka has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Puka6 10. Puka's newest hobby - she's got better balance than me. Puka7 11. She's so good that she can even match a previous photo. Puka9 12. If a tortoise and a dog shared secrets, what would they say? PukaLarry4 13. She's dipping her toes to test the waters, as any smart dog would. Puka1 14. When you see snow, you have to taste it. Puka8 15. And last, but not least, kisses from Puka are the absolute best!
H/t Mashable

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago

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