Helpful Pup Assists With Household Chores All In The Name Of Love

Written by: Michella Ventres

April 25, 2016

Often we find ourselves in need of an extra hand from time to time, like when you come home from shopping and dread the mere idea of lugging grocery bags in the house. Or when you just can’t stand to clean up after your kids anymore and wish you had a maid. Well, this pooch has got it down. In fact, this pup is so good that she can lend a paw to help you hang a picture on the wall.

Got house chores, this pup will lend a paw.

You can even give this pup a list to do.

She even helps with breakfast.

She will be with you every step of your morning routine.

She will even put the lotion on your back.

For more on this pup’s around the house adventures, check out Gregbaskwell’s Instagram.

Feature Image @GregBaskwell/Instagram


Written by: Michella Ventres

April 25, 2016