Turbo Roo the Two-Legged Chihuahua Gets an Adorable New Set of Wheels

Do you remember the teensy chihuahua that scored a wheelchair made of toys?


Image via The Downtown Veterinarian

Well, this guy has come a long way since then, and outgrown his toy cart. Luckily, thanks to the kindness of others who pitched in to help fund his medical care and the power of 3D printing, Turbo is riding in style.

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Mark Deadrick, president of 3dyn, designed and created TurboRoo’s new cart using a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer. Skateboard wheels are attached to the front of the cart to help Turbo live up to his name.

Since TurboRoo is a growing Chi, he’s gone through three versions of the carts made by mechanical engineer Deadrick. But his new wheels aren’t the only news here. Turbo was officially adopted into his furever home with vet tech Ashley Looper. Here he is with his brother, Braxton.

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His family is raising money for a charity called TurboRoo’s buddies that will help provide carts to pawesome dogs like Turbo. He’ll be visiting the Big Apple to meet the inventor of his cart and talk about technology and pets. To add to his exciting life, TurboRoo is nominated for a Barkie!

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Good luck, TurboRoo, and may the good times keep rolling for you!

Images/video via @turbo.roo
Featured image via TurboRoo. The Two-Legged Chihuahua.

Stephanie Figy

8 years ago