Neglected Puppies Lead Investigators To Their Starving Mama And Save Her Life

On March 14th, Montgomery County Animal Service (MCAS) responded to a call in Gaithersburg, Maryland after two puppies were reportedly running loose. Once they were on scene, they followed the puppies' trail, which lead them to the shocking discovery of Princess - their mother. Princess, Catahoula mix was extremely emaciated and in dire need of help. It was clear these puppies knew their mom needed help and they weren't running loose - they were searching for kind humans. Princess Before Princess was just skin and bones the day she entered the clinic. Her ribs were fully visible. She had no food or shelter where she was living, and her only water source was a tiny amount of dirty, stagnant water. These horrible conditions prompted officers to remove all of the dogs from the premises immediately. They took Princess to the Adoption Center (MCASAD) for veterinary care. [bp_related_article] This brave girl only weighed a staggering 29 pounds - far less than the 55-60 pounds she should have weighed. She was clearly scared but showed encouraging signs with a good appetite. Their exam showed it was pure neglect that led to her shocking condition as no diseases were found. Princess Despite her poor condition and the lack of love she received from her previous owners, she still enjoys life. She loves to soak up all of the sunshine she can get. Princess She also soaks up a lot of love and gets the royal treatment from veterinarian Dr. Lawrence. Princess She has learned she loves belly rubs and is always full of smiles. Princess In the last two weeks, Princess has progressed greatly gaining 12 pounds. She has also begun to trust people, which is a tremendous breakthrough considering after all she has been through. She has made such progress that she now gets excited to see everyone in the clinic, and constantly wags her tail. She now loves people so much she leans into the staff to get affection. Calvin Her puppies are pawsitively precious, too. calvin and jordan While Princess still has to gain some weight, she and her puppies, Calvin and Jordan, are now available for adoption. If you have any interest in Princess, Calvin or Jordan please contact MCASAC at 240-773-5900. Princess' former owner, identified as Allyn Tyrone Meeks, has been charged with "failure to provide veterinary care, shelter, and sufficient, nutritious food" and he faces up to three months in jail or a fine.
>Feature Image: Montgomery County Animal Services h/t via WUSA9.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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