How to Make A Puppy Bowl Fantasy Team And Get A Free Dogwalker For A Week

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

January 29, 2015

You know what season it is, dog lovers. Time to bust out your favorite old jersey. But not for the Super Bowl. In fact, get out your dog’s favorite jersey, too. It’s time for Puppy Bowl XI.


Image via Bigplayz

Fortunately for you superfans out there, Animal Planet has started a fantasy draft league so you can do more than just watch.

Here’s how you create your fantasy Puppy Bowl team.

1. Pick Your Pups

After reading this, head over to Animal Planet to see your draft options. There are a lot of talented pups to choose from, so choose wisely.

Image via Animal Planet

Click on individual dogs to learn their stats and learn whether they’re a showboat (like lil’ Miss Martian below) or a seasoned Puppy Bowl veteran.

Image via Animal Planet

2. Pick Your Team

After selecting your picks, you’ll be asked which of the two teams you want to represent, Team Fluff or Team Ruff. (Yes, I picked Team Ruff. SPORTS!)

Image via Animal Planet

3. Brag About Your Pawesome Team

What’s the point of a fantasy league if you can’t berate your friends and coworkers for their crummy choices? Remember, only you really know how the game will turn out, so remind everybody on Facebook and Twitter that their team is going down!

Image via Animal Planet

4. Print Your Scorecard

Have your scorecard ready by the day of the Big Game so you can keep track of your team’s accomplishments during the game. That’s how you determine whether you or your friends won.

Image via Animal Planet

5. Order Hot Wings, Watch The Game

Even though you want your fantasy team to win, it’s also about how the pups play the game. Don’t get so caught up in your fantasy team that you don’t enjoy the Puppy Bowl. (But don’t forget to keep track of your pups, either.)

Image via WoofWoofMama

And what do you get if your team wins? Other than bragging rights? That’s between you and your fellow leaguers. For instance, a coworker and I have a friendly bet going that if her fantasy dogs win I have to walk her dog for a week and vice versa. Either way I win, because I really like her dog!

Image via The Columbian

Now head over to Animal Planet and pick your pups!

h/t to Animal Planet
Featured image via USA Today

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Written by: Brandon Rhoads

January 29, 2015

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