Street Puppy Encased In Tar And Unable To Move Transforms Into A Total Goofball

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

November 24, 2015

These rescuers just never give up, do they?

When a thin, emaciated little puppy wandered too near a construction site in India, she became trapped in a thick, black sludge. The tar soon began to harden, immobilizing her completely, but a young boy spotted the pup and immediately contacted Animal Aid Unlimited.

covered in tar

Around here, we’re well aware of this group’s numerous success stories, and right from the start I couldn’t wait to see how this puppy’s personality would blossom. It took 4 lather, rinse, repeats with a vegetable oil massage and a warm soapy bath to loosen and remove the tar.

bath time

The puppy is so still as rescuers work through the thick, sticky layers – she must have known they were saving her life.


And before we know it, it’s all puppy waddles and wiggles and kisses and nibbles and this little girl just doesn’t know what to do with her tail! She is clearly a master of the sneak attack kiss: no one can hide from her love and puppy breath. And who would want to?!

puppy kisses

Now she can really learn what it means to be a puppy, and to be loved like one. Way to go, guys!

H/t YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

November 24, 2015