Puppy Who Struggled To Stay Alive After Choking On Kibble Is A True Fighter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 10, 2016

Brittany and Robbie Jacalone never expected their evening to turn into one of the most terrifying nights of their lives. When their foster puppy Scarlett started choking on a piece of food during dinner and suddenly stopped breathing, they raced to the nearest emergency vet. Scarlett’s foster dad frantically gave her CPR the entire ride.

scarlett puppy

The family quickly discovered they would need more than $4,000 to cover her care, and one night in the hospital turned into several. A member of the Simi Valley Missing Pets (SVMP) family, who rescued Scarlett, wrote on their Facebook page:

I am crying no… SOBBING as I write this. I feel sick to my stomach with fear and stress. We have never been in a situation like this. We are at a loss and so scared.

Donations for Scarlett’s care soared to well over the original goal, but when she wasn’t improving, the rescue decided to increase the amount. Everyone’s worst fear was that this sweet little girl would have to be euthanized because they could not get the necessary funds in time. As it turns out, SVMI raised more than $10,000 in less than 24 hours.


Scarlett’s survival beyond the initial choking incident is unbelievably lucky, and her foster parents refuse to stop fighting with her.

SCARLETT NEEDS TO STAY AT THE HOSPITAL LONGER. The fundraiser goal amount has been increased. Scarlett will definitely…

Posted by Simi Valley Missing Pets on Friday, February 26, 2016

She was diagnosed with fluid in the lungs and aspiration pneumonia as a result of her choking. She received round-the-clock intensive treatment from the comfort of her little pressurized oxygen room, and endless support from her friends. The rescue wrote alongside the above video:

SVMP can’t thank the staff at the animal hospital enough for being so kind. They have been very open to us visiting Scarlett at different times throughout each day and night. They’ve reached out to talk us through this ordeal every step of the way and have answered ALL of our questions.

Though Scarlett was still in an extremely critical state, she had already begun moving around and wagging her tail again. When she emerged from her oxygen chamber the next day she was a completely different pup, as you can see below with her foster dad.

󾭚Part 2 from previous video post󾭚And, what's more amazing….Scarlett may be able to go home…

Posted by Simi Valley Missing Pets on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Scarlett is now home, resting, and finishing up her antibiotics. “She is doing really well,” writes SVMP. “Scarlett plays a good amount, is getting her MUCH needed rest, and we are working to put some weight back on her!” Her fellow foster siblings now use slow bowls in the instance that Scarlett decides to steal some of their kibble.

scarlett and foster sis

After all the ups and downs this family has been through in such a short time, their bond has grown even closer. We guess it’s a pretty good thing that while Scarlett’s foster parents saved her life, they failed at being fosters, because the pair decided to adopt the puppy permanently.

scarlett at home

Thank you to SVMP for rescuing this little lady, to Brittany and Robbie for your quick thinking and life-saving skills, to the many emergency caretakers who waited on Scarlett hand and paw, and to the hundreds of individuals who donated to fund her care.

Additionally, when initial donations via Scarlett’s PayIt2 fundraising page took a few days to transfer, a woman by the name of Lois Parmenter loaned a very generous amount (and made an additional donation!) in order to keep Scarlett in the hospital during those first critical days. Scarlett has you to thank for her life as well.

To donate to Scarlett’s continued care and to help other dogs rescued by Simi Valley Missing Pets, you can do so via the donate button on the rescue’s Facebook page, by giving directly to the animal hospital, or donating via Scarlett’s PayIt2 page.

featured image via Simi Valley Missing Pets/Facebook

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 10, 2016

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