The Healing Power Of Love Helps Defeated Puppy Find Tail-Wagging Happiness

Rem, as he’s known by the Vet Ranch team, endured quite the roller coaster of puppyhood. He was blind, mangy, and so hopeless you could see it in his eyes… and his tail. The pup wouldn’t wag for anything, and barely lifted his head to a gentle touch.


Post–Dr. Matt, Rem is a real, bonafide puppy. I mean it. The term “unrecognizable” is used a lot around here for rescue transformations, but when a puppy gets his puppy back? That’s something to be proud of. Rem spent a brief time with his foster mom before finally moving in with his family in Michigan! Better get used to all that white stuff, buddy!

rem in the snow

Well done to the team and congrats to Rem and his new humans!

H/t + Featured Image via Vet Ranch/YouTube

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago