4 Puppies Saved Despite Being Abandoned in Dangerously Cold Temps

Sometimes hoomans are the worst… like the ones who abandoned four puppies in negative degree wind chills. But for every Cruella De Vil, there’s a hero to save the day. The hero this time is a driver for Indianapolis company Wheels Assured Logistics, who spotted the shivering pups.


He quickly contacted another employee to pick the dogs up and take them back to the office to be warmed up and fed.

13 WTHR Indianapolis
“It took probably a good 30 minutes for them to walk around,” said Amy Golden of Wheels Assured Logistics. “They had their tails tucked between their legs, paws were pretty cold, but after about an hour, they started wandering offices and people were holding and cuddling and kissing all over their faces.”


Three of the pups were quickly adopted, and the company is seeking a furever family for the last remaining puppy. Dog bless the hoomans who saved these pups.

H/T and images via WTHR

Stephanie Figy

7 years ago

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