17 Ways Your Dog Makes A Better S.O. Than Any Human Ever Will

If you're like me, you devote a crazy amount of time and energy to ensuring your pup's every want and need is met. If I was asked to sit down and list all of the ways in which I cater to her whims, it would get embarrassing REAL FAST. And while it may seem silly to some, all I need to do is look deep into her chocolatey eyes to remember one simple fact: she is worth it. And it's not like I'm really getting the short end of the stick here either, there are plenty of ways my pup returns the favor and makes me feel loved. baileythepugmix

Here are 17 ways your pup shows you how much they love YOU!

1. They give you hugs. special_dog

There's no hug, like a dawg hug, because a dawg hug, don't STOP! 2. They guard you from the mailman. postman

The mailman is totally hiding something, can't you see it in his eyes?

3. They keep your feet warm. mcverges

Because no one, ever said EVER, that they want to have cold feet!

4. They want to be like you when they grow up! chewielover102

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

5. They save you from dangerous shoes. g_loretta

You honestly could have broken an ankle!

6. They unquestioningly support your bad sports team decisions. chitown_lightning

They haven't won the World Series since 1908. But I'm still in this with you.

7. They help with the cooking. cayetano_the_poodle

Dog bones and biscuits coming right up!

8. They wake you up when you miss your alarm. itsmr.woods

Because nothings says "I love you" like a cold nose in the morning.

9. They help take care of the kids. cwarchivist

Little Hoomans = Big Responsibility!

10. They help you stick with your fitness goals. zanderbear

If you play, play, play, play, PLAY with me you will feel PAWESOME!

11. They smile to make you smile. wagwalking

No one can have a bad day looking at this mug.

12. They give you high fives. sweetmonicakes

Because we all need to feel like a winner sometimes.

13. They help clean your house. tissue_cozy

A clean house is a happy house, yes?

14. They NEVER forget your birthday! sandeeeepa

"Is that cake made out of dog treats? How odd!"

15. They do some work so you can take a break. doggos

"Why don't you go take a warm bath, I got this!"

16. They bring you presents. muadeebs

"I love you THIS MUCH!"

17. They wear silly outfits to make you laugh! adventures_of_meeko_the_pug

"I'm only doing this because I love you, Hooman."

Featured Image via 3 Million Dogs

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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