Little Lady With A Limp Has Been Overlooked For Months At The Shelter

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 21, 2016

Is it the light dusting of white on her face? The funny walk? Or is it just because Purdy isn’t a puppy anymore?

No one at the Dogs Trust Ballymena in Northern Ireland can quite pinpoint the reason this girl is still with them. She arrived in the summer of 2015 pregnant with two puppies who have since found homes. Mom did all the work, and what did she get in return? Lots of love and care from her rescuers, but not the family she deserves.

purdy summer

Purdy has a deformed front leg due to a nutritional deficiency from when she was younger, according to Sarah Park, assistant manager at this Dogs Trust location. But what’s a little bit of a wonky walk in the face of a Jack Russell spirit? Park told BelfastLive:

She appears to walk with a limp but it doesn’t cause her any pain or slow her down. She’s a happy-go-lucky lady with a special personality and the looks to match. We think she’s perfect just the way she is.

She checks off all the boxes: spunky, playful, sweet, but she’s still been left in quite a predicament. Nearly six months have passed and adopters continue to walk right past the little low-rider.

big bed

“She is such a great dog with a fantastic personality,” says Park, “so, sadly, it must be her age and deformity that is putting people off.”

At an estimated 5–7 years old, Purdy is just entering her sweet senior years. She knows all about what it means to be a dog, and assures you she’ll be on her best behavior in her new home. What’s not to love?


“All of us here adore Purdy; she often joins us in reception and keeps us all thoroughly entertained.” Though Purdy may be a little off-kilter, it’s just one of those things that separates this “absolute sweetheart” from the rest.

head shot

She would much prefer short walks to satisfy her little bursts of energy, and a nice soft bed to lounge away in. Because she’s a lady of sophistication, Purdy will also be scaling back the wild party pup within to enjoy a quiet, peaceful home. That means older children and adults only, please.

Let 2016 be the year she finds a family.

Live in the Northern Ireland area and want to be wrapped around this pup’s little paw? Inquire on her adoption page! There are so many dogs just as loving as Purdy in each of the Dogs Trust shelters—check them out or donate to their care on Facebook!

H/t BelfastLive, Featured Image via Dogs Trust and Dogs Trust/YouTube

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 21, 2016

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