Study Finally Confirms That Dogs Are Simply Better Company Than People

Written by: Greyceli Marin

April 22, 2016

Finally. Actual empirical data to prove what I’ve been perpetuating my entire life: dogs are better than people. According to hundreds of pet owners nationwide, choosing between your dog and your in-law is a no brainer.

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Here are the facts:

61% of pet parents would end a relationship for their pet. More than half of the participants would trust their dog’s judgement before their mother’s.

Over 1/4 of pet parents suspect their family prefers their pet to their significant other. This is likely to be because the dog knows that “approving” of your significant other really means they’ll be getting more attention from your parents.

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Over 1/4 of pet parents have brought their dogs on a date. Those who didn’t make up the 61% who had to end a relationship for their pet.


85% of pet parents are more likely to “swipe right” on a photo that included a dog. Everyone who does this expects to see the dog on the first date, obviously.

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Over 1/4 of pet parents have planned a special date for themselves and their pet. Your dog won’t care if you already had brunch there last weekend. In fact, they don’t remember. Why bother trying new places when your dog will happily go to your favorite spot every single time?

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95% of dog owners would rather spend the night at home cuddling with their dog than on a blind date. Because literally anything is more fun than a blind date.

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56% of pet parents prefer to share the bed with their pet parent and their pet. Pretty sure this question was framed as “If you had to share your bed with your partner, would you want your dog cuddling between you two?”

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Nearly 70% of dog owners would sacrifice “alone time” with a significant other for their dog. Netflix or dog beach? How is this a fair question? Cancel my Netflix subscription pls.

45% of pet parents spend more money on their pet than their partner every month. Dogs appreciate stuff way more than people, okay?

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87% of pet parents would get their pet a Valentine’s Day gift. I.e. any holiday is a good excuse to watch your dog get excited over a new toy.

So there you have it. Answers from real life people that support what none of us are too shy to admit. We proudly put our dogs on a very deserved pedestal, high enough to show everyone who’s boss. Dog is life.

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Featured image via: @gnarley912 /Instagram

Written by: Greyceli Marin

April 22, 2016

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