13 Reasons To Be BFFs With A Dog Person

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

June 29, 2015

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m a dogaholic. There, I said it. I’m addicted to dogs.

I’ve found that I connect best with other people who share this obsession. Yes, my hound-loving besties may be enablers of my addiction, but after spending a couple of hours looking at photos of puppies together, you know that you’ve made a friend for life.

Here are 13 reasons why dog lovers should stick together:

1. They know what it means to be loyal.

As a dog person, they know what the true meaning of loyalty is, all thanks to their dog.

Dog and soldier

2. They are always prepared for anything.

Having a dog means they know they have to be prepared for anything. That means when you call ’em for an emergency they are bound to come PREPARED.

Dog pooping

3. They are most likely a morning person.

If not by choice, probably because their pup has woken them up at the crack of dawn so many days in a row that it has just stuck! It’s always great to have someone up early to enjoy a cup of coffee with.

Dog Alarm Clock

4. They’re totally okay with staying home when you feel like it. No questions asked.

Have a wild night out planned but you heard the forecast is calling for a storm? Instant cancellation of plans because you know Fido is going to have a stressful night. A dog person will completely understand and will probably suggest a cuddle puddle on the couch, dogs included.

Scared dog


5. They are compassionate.

People who care for animals show a kind of unique compassion. If your friend has a no-dog-left-behind attitude, you know they will be the same to you!


6. They are probably used to being active and going outside.

Pups require a lot of activity, so a dog lover is probably used to running around in the park or going on hikes. While you won’t necessarily be playing fetch with your BFF, there is definitely a positive side to finding someone adventurous!

Dog hiking

7. They know how to care for another creature.

People with dogs make a long-term commitment to care for the pup, nurture it, raise it, love it… You know that a dog person BFF with do the same for you, when you need it!

Dog and person

8. They enjoy being social.

While a cat person might understand the beauty of solitude, a dog person recognizes the power of the pack. Dogs actually require social interaction, so the next time you want to head out and meet new people, your hound-lovin’ BFF will be right there beside you!

Dogs hanging out

9. They’ll understand that nothing compares to the love of your dog.

Friends are great, two-pawed and four, but there is something about the bond that you have with your pup that absolutely nothing can break. Your dog-lovin friend will completely understand if she occasionally comes second.

Person and dog

10. They most likely have a great sense of humor…

No matter how old or seemingly grouchy a dog can be, they probably still have some silly mannerisms that make their hooman crack up. If you’re having a ruff day, your BFF will have dog puns ready that will have you howling with laughter!

Laughing Dog

11. …and they’ll always have a great dog video to share.

There is no better sense of camaraderie than a group of dog lovers cracking up over a good Internet dog video. None.

Dog Video

12. They’re great cuddlers for movie night.

Furry or not, everyone needs someone to cuddle up on the couch with to watch a movie. Dog lovers know the art of the snuggle.


13. …and last but not least, they are most likely a genuinely happy person.

Because how could they not be?! Dogs are pawesome! And dog lovers are too!

Smiling Dog

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Written by: Rachel Crocetti

June 29, 2015

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