15 Things You Should Do With Your Dog Before Summer REALLY Ends

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

September 12, 2016

It may be September but the weather and this calendar say that summer doesn’t end until the 21st of this month! That means you get two weeks to really go all out and enjoy the tail of summer weather with your best bud, your dog! Here are some ideas to make the most of the sunshine, before the leaves change color.

1. Go on a road trip.

If your dog loves the car, this could be the perfect way to bond! Research hotels and bed and breakfasts that allow dogs along your route, and then take to the open road with your best friend.


2. Find a dog-friendly beach.

Dogs love splashing in the water just as much as the rest of us, especially on a hot day. Just make sure you aren’t breaking any rules by taking your dog to a “No Dogs Allowed” beach. If you take your dog to a beach but are afraid they could run too far, consider trying a long leash to let them play and have their freedom, but still stay safe.


3. Throw your dog an epic backyard barbeque party with Happy Howie’s Burgers and Hot Dogs!

If there is one thing dogs are excellent at, it’s begging for our food… especially when you are out grillin’ up some meat. With Happy Howie’s your dog can get their own plate of delicious barbecue food and the begging can stop. At least temporarily.

4. Have a photo shoot.

Lazing around on a hot summer day? Have a photo shoot! Dogs and humans are both pretty low-energy in the summer, especially in the heat, so an activity where your pup can lie down is the best kind of activity. Also, useful photography secret: the shade has better lighting than direct sunlight.

dog photography

5. Learn a new trick.


6. Take your dog with you on a wine tour.

There are a ton of dog-friendly wineries and vineyards on Long Island (and elsewhere), that allow you to bring your four-legged friend with you. Choose one with a big open field and some picnic tables, and enjoy the beautiful weather and a great glass of Pinot with your friend.

Warning: Both grapes and alcohol are poisonous to dogs. While you can enjoy the sweet sips of red, give your pup a bowl of water and some treats instead. Also stay far away from the vines, as grapes can fall to the ground in the reach of your pup.

shutterstock_28926100 (1)

7. Take a trip to the dog park.

If you typically just take your pup to a regular park, go a little out of your way to get to a dog park while the weather is nice! Your dog will have a blast with his four-legged friends, and you can enjoy the time chatting with other dog owners.

dog park


8. Stay in a dog-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast.

If you’re going on vacation with your family, consider bringing your pup along! It is so easy to find dog-friendly places to stay these days. If you’re interested in a unique place instead of the same-old hotel, check out the listings on Airbnb.


9. Set up a kiddie pool for your pup.

This is the perfect way to cool off your hot doggy in the late summer heat.

dog in kiddie pool

10. Go on a hike.

Dogs will surprise you when it comes to hiking. Their bodies are made to climb up rocky terrain, so if your favorite mountain has a difficult course, just remember that Fido has four paws to your two! Just make sure you and your pup have plenty of water to stay hydrated.


11. Play fetch until your dog gets tired – not until you’re bored!

Spoil Fido for the day! Play fetch until he wants to stop, instead of when you decide it’s time to go inside. Your dog will have the time of his life, and you will get a full night of sleep with a very tired pup beside you.

12. Make your dog Instagram famous.

Do you think your dog has what it takes to stand up against Marnie and Boo?! Make that account already! At the very least, people with similar breeds in your area could see your hashtags and plan meetups and playdates.


13. Dine out with Fido.

Summer is the best time to dine al fresco. Find a restaurant or cafe in your area that allows dogs to sit outside on the patio with you. Then sneak all the good dog-friendly human food to your pup under the table.


14. Start a walking group.

This is something that can continue all throughout the fall! Find a group of like-minded pup-lovers and start a walking group. Make sure that the pups meet each other first, and then plan on ending the walks at a dog park to allow them to play with one another. This is a great way to meet new people (and have your dog meet new friends!)

dog walking group

15. Look into making your pup a therapy dog.

Is your pup a calm and comforting friend to pet when you’re stressed out or sick? Consider making him a certified therapy dog. This will give him the chance to go out to hospitals and nursing homes and put a smile on those who need it most.

therapy dog

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Written by: Rachel Crocetti

September 12, 2016

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