Rescue Dog Has Saved Hundreds Of Canine Lives Through Blood Donation

Written by: Stephanie Figy

February 9, 2016

Berkley, a four-year-old Mastiff-Yellow Mouth Cur, was rescued off the streets as a puppy. Unable to find a furever home, he became a resident of Shawnee Animal Hospital in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Aside from brightening the office with his cuteness, Berkley assists the docs in saving lives by donating blood to dogs in need.

Kim Carver, a member of the tech staff at Shawnee Animal Hospital told KOCO News:

If we get an emergency during the day or after hours at 3 o’clock in the morning, Berkley is here and available to do his job. He’s a value to us.


Veterinarian Mike Stewart said Berkley has saved hundreds of lives, including an abandoned Rottweiler that was only 37 pounds when he was found.

Now he is a happy 100-pound Rottweiler.

The vet clinic monitors Berkley’s platelet and hematocrit counts, never taking more than a pint of blood from him in a month.

Stewart considers Berkley a part of the Shawnee Animal Hospital family.

He’s a good dog. He just brings us joy. He’s helping others by helping bring joy to humans by keeping their pets alive.

Most healthy dogs that are older than a year and weigh more than 35 pounds can donate blood and be a hero just like Berkley.

Featured image via KOCO News

H/t KOCO News and People Pets

Written by: Stephanie Figy

February 9, 2016