U.K. Rescue Dogs Have A Blast Enjoying The Holidays, Shelter-Style

It’s hard knowing thousands of homeless dogs go into yet another new year without families, but our hearts grow a little warmer seeing exactly how loved these pups are in their temporary home.

sleeping pup

The Dogs Trust Shelter in Shoreham, West Sussux planned a Christmas celebration their furry residents won’t soon forget—and they captured it all on film! From ransacking presents under the tree to gnawing on snacks and taking walks on the beach, these dog-ruving folks know just how to make the holiday special.


But it wasn’t all wet kisses and snuggles—the holiday checklist also included cleaning 49 kennels and making 61 delicious dinners!

Now THAT’S the dedication of truly selfless humans, who may be sacrificing time with their own loved ones to make sure their dogs feel the love too. We’ll tell you one thing: for us, those happy wiggles are so worth it.

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H/t Facebook/Dogs Trust

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago