Boy Saves Mastiff’s Life After The Dog Leaps From Car Window And Almost Strangles Himself

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 19, 2016

Bradley North of Prestwich, England was walking home from school when he spotted a giant dog in a van, its paws up on a partially-opened window.


As he approached and noticed the broken glass and bloody paws, the dog, named Boo, jumped through. His leash nearly strangled him as it became caught somewhere inside the van.


13-year-old Bradley immediately ran over and unhooked Boo, petting and calming him, according to the Daily Record.

He waited 15 minutes with the pup until his owner returned.


More than 3,000 people have called Bradley a hero on Facebook, and Boo’s owner was extremely grateful to find him alive. Boo is a French Mastiff, a breed usually known as gentle giants, but weighing in around 150 lbs.

“I have dogs myself, I would hope someone would do that for me and help my dog,” Bradley said. “I was a bit scared, but as long as the dog was ok.”

h/t + featured image via Daily Record

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 19, 2016