10 Secrets Of Dog Parents Who Always Have Their Shih Tzu Together

1. Cook for your pup. Spending just an hour in the kitchen once every two weeks will yield more fresh and delicious homemade dog food than you'll know what to do with! food 2. Garnish your dog's food with parsley for noticeably fresher breath. parsley-393028_960_720 3. Put a little toothpaste on your dog's favorite chew toy everyday to help keep his teeth clean. Those dental bills add up fast, so this little life hack will save you tons of dolla dolla billz. dog-983014_960_720 4. When your dog gets dehydrated, put chicken broth in his water to incentivize drinking and help him recover faster. 962148868_9a0fbc49e0_b 5. Dilute pet shampoos to get the most for your money. dog-1178365_960_720 6. Store dry food in a air-tight containers, like Tupperware or lidded storage bins, to prevent it from going bad too fast. HK_CWB_Park_Lane_basement_shop_IKEA_Made_in_China_Guangdong_ice_plastic_container 7. To remove dog hair from upholstery, run your hand over the furniture in question with a dampened rubber glove. Yellow rubber gloves 8. Always have baking soda, white vinegar, and old rags on hand to clean dog urine. baking-soda-768950_960_720 9. Have your dog file his nails himself by attaching sandpaper to wood and propping up the board somewhere where he can scratch it. 2629981702_3ff0a61da9_b 10. Save money on pet food by joining frequent buyer cards and joining frequent customer programs. Dog_food_aisle
H/T: BuzzFeed

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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