Singer Rewrites Her Iconic Song To Find Out If People See That Doggie In The Shelter

Most of us are familiar with Patti Page’s classic song “(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window?” Written in 1952, it tells the sweet tale of buying a puppy — the one with the waggly tail — from the local pet store.

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But most of us probably aren’t familiar with the fact that Page changed her tune in 2009 — literally. Together with The Humane Society, Page recorded a new version of the song, entitled “Do You See That Doggie In The Shelter?” with the goal that it would become, as Page put it, “an anthem for homeless pets and animal shelters.”

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Page was hopeful that shifting the famous song’s focus would not only bring awareness to rescue shelters, but would also educate others about the plight of pet store puppies, who often come from harsh puppy mills. In Patti’s words,

“The original song asks the question: ‘How much is that doggie in the window?’ Today, the answer is ‘too much.’ And I don’t just mean the price tag on the puppies in pet stores. The real cost is in the suffering of the mother dogs back at the puppy mill. That’s where most pet store puppies come from. And that kind of cruelty is too high a price to pay.” – Patti Page

Although Page passed away in 2013, her powerful message lives on through the work of the SPCA Singapore, which is working hard to ensure that the new song becomes as well-known — if not moreso — than the original. The group also put together a companion book, “Do You See That Doggie in the Window?” which has been distributed in over 20 libraries and will (hopefully) become part of the curriculum in many schools throughout the country.

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Help spread some rescue shelter ruv by listening to and sharing the new version of the song — which is just as catchy as the old one.

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Katie Kirnan

6 years ago