Dapper Gentleman Left At Shelter Will Be Spoiled Rotten In His Golden Years

Meet Tiger. He's not as fierce as his name implies, being 19-years-young, but he's still got a little spunk left in him. Tiger was surrendered by his owners to a shelter in Los Angeles. It's not clear exactly why they gave up this sweet senior, but there's no doubt in anyone's mind that he is a 100% gentleman. [bp_related_article] tiger close up Leave No Paws Behind stepped up to rescue the Spaniel and give him the best chance at spending his days in happiness and comfort. A very kind volunteer picked Tiger up and drove him to freedom (a.k.a. the vet, sorry bud) to get his medical once-over. at the vet A visit with The Doc at East Valley Veterinary Clinic proved this little lover is in pretty good shape! The rescue's Facebook post read:
[The vet] told me his heart sounds good, his rear legs are in pretty bad shape however he can get around but not well, he is very skinny HOWEVER he is eating and drinking and Doc said he was scarfing down his food!
The previous owners initially informed the shelter that Tiger had cancer, but that is yet to be determined. He'll get a few blood tests, some medication, and then snooze away in contentedness. Tiger is the sweetest old teddy bear you could possibly have the pleasure of snuggling, and now he's got it made in foster care for the rest of his life. tiger close up Says Leave No Paws Behind, "[T]his little old man can rest comfortably knowing he is no longer alone and that his life matters!" Those are some lucky humans who got their hands on you, pup! To help this rescue save more deserving dogs like the frosty-faced Tiger, donations are always welcome.
h/t The Examiner, featured image via Leave No Paws Behind/Facebook

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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