Sheep Who Thinks She’s A Dog Finally Finds Long-Awaited Acceptance

Ahh, to be alive and a sheep in 2015! In earlier times, sheep were expected to do very few things. They were expected to provide milk, wool, and the occasional Youtube video of hilarious/terrifying sheep screaming (I'm looking at you, Clarice). It wasn't until recently, the year 2015 to be exact, that sheep started to realize how much more they had to give to the world. Enter this sheep: She is not named, but for the sake of this article we shall call her "Freedom." Freedom embraces a side of her few sheep ever have -- her dog side. Not only is she able to keep up with the two other pups featured in the video, but she prances with such glee it's hard to remember she's a sheep by the end and not just another glorious, happy puppitino (that means "dog"). You go, Freedom. Keep being you!
h/t to Mashable

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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