Spunky Beagle Runs For Mayor Of Austin And His Campaign Promises To Save Lives

Sid the Beagle, who is already Instagram famous for his intense love of pizza and cutie pie smile, has entered the world of pawlitics! The celebridog is running for mayor of Austin, Texas, and has built quite the campaign.

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Sid and his human, Alex Hopes, have been enjoying "Sidventures" for the past six years, but now they're ready to take things to the next level and help the pups of Austin.

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Did we mention that the Regal Beagle really loves pizza?? Obviously, his campaign pawmisses include pizza for all pups and more fire hydrants for peeing on. But he does have a more poignant and life-saving message for the people and pups of Austin.

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The main goal of Sid's platform is to keep Austin a no-kill city. All campaign contributions go toward Austin Pets Alive!

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Sid's also looking for a running mate! Your dog (it doesn't specify *dog* so like, go for it humans/cats/sugar gliders) can throw their collar into the ring on Keep tabs on Sid's campaign tail on his Twitter.
Featured image via @myregalbeagle
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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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