18 Signs You’re A Crazy Dog Lady

Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 28, 2015

The phrase “crazy dog lady” is essentially a badge of honor. To be a Crazy Dog Lady, one does not necessarily have to be a lady, but one does have to go totally overboard in loving their pooch. There are some clear signs to look for if you suspect you may be a Crazy Dog Lady, and as one myself, I have documented them in the list below:

1. Your bedding looks like this. (And yes, you’ve been caught petting and kissing your pillows more than once.)


2. Your family photos aren’t taken with family but rather with dogs.


3. This is your version of “going for a walk.”


4. If children aren’t on your radar, it’s probably because you’ve found substitutes.


5. If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to that of this man and his Corgi, you are a Crazy Dog Lady.

dog shirt

6. When your version of #squadgoals consist exclusively of Chihuahuas.

swuad goals

7. Your dogs play an intricate role in the announcement of your wedding (how did they all know to smile?).

save the date bf

8. “Where do you see yourself in 20 years?”


9. You identify more with with the woman on the left than the woman on the right.


10. “Sorry I’m late, I was helping my dog sign your birthday card.”


11. This is your idea of what heaven looks like (which is very accurate I’m sure).


12. And you’ve long stopped carrying real bags in favor for this:


13. Getting pumped for the weekend like…


14. And when you go on vacation, the conversations are always geared at one thing.


15. You coordinate fabulous together, quite like this steampunk-meets-Nantucket-matriarch look.


16. You can’t shop without your pupper. Or drink. Or do anything really.


17. There’s an 80 percent chance the woman in this photo is you.


18. But regardless of what people may think about you, your dog is your family. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


Written by: Jonathan Graziano

December 28, 2015