Clever Dog Discovers The Secret To Eating Kongs The Fast Way

This world has seen quite lot of epic showdowns over the years. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader, Harry Potter vs. Voldemort, and that one time angry birds started slingshotting themselves at green pigs — all great examples of some pretty fierce pairings. Now however, we have another epic duel that must be added onto that list.

For years, Kongs have been the bane of every dog’s existence. Bruce however, is the savior that will free all dogs from this cruel device’s constraints. Using his own improvised technique, Bruce has done battle and won by finding out the key loophole of dropping the Kong to eat the food that falls out from the impact. This revolutionary discovery changes everything, and now dogs may finally be able to rest easy with this surefire way to acquire their tasty food.


Adam Samuel

6 years ago

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