Baby Frenchie Snores Louder Than Most Freight Trains, Wins Our Hearts In The Process

There are few things in this world as cute as a baby French Bulldog sleeping. We all know this. But what if we were to tell you the baby French Bulldog in this video is not just sleeping, but he's sleeping AND his thunderous snores produce more decibels of sound than that of a foghorn? The plot thickens. Meet Carlos, the little nugget of joy who has been in puppy dreamland for quite some time now. His snoozing may seem casual to some, but to those of us in the know (read: with our sound on), will know this pup is so much more than just a cute little loaf of squish, but rather a security system, a warning signal, and a cuddle buddy all in one. Sweet dreams, Carlos! Find us when you wake up we have treats!
H/t Rumble Viral

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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