5 Everyday Humans Write Songs About Their Dogs Just Cuz They Love ‘Em So Darn Much

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 15, 2016

Scour the Internet for a while and you’ll find everything your heart has ever desired; you may even come across some things you never knew you yearned for, but now you can’t live without. This may be how you feel about songs written about dogs: you didn’t know they existed before reading this, but once you finish this list, you’ll have When You Come Home on repeat. For your convenience, we at BarkPost have gathered together some of the best songs for dogs the Internet has to offer.

1. When You Come Home – Brendan Biondi

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking when you get home from work? Do you wish your dog could sing those thoughts to you? Thanks to Brendan Biondi and his dog Calvin, now he can… sort of.

“When You Come Home” is the “dog rock” ballad of a dog who is just happy to spend time with his owner and show him how much he cares, and it’s probably the sweetest song you’ll ever hear. “There is something truly special about a smiling furry face and a wagging tail happily greeting you when you get home,” Biondi told BarkPost. “I was inspired to write the song because… every single time I’d come home, [Calvin] would be there waiting eagerly to smother me in puppy kisses no matter how long I had been away.”

2. Dogs Like Socks – PSYCHOSTICK

If you like dogs and heavy metal, then this song is definitely for you. “Dogs Like Socks” is a heavy metal ballad about dogs who love to play with socks, AKA every dog ever. “We are dogs and we like socks,” the lyrics proclaim. “Gimme that sock / om nom nom.”

3. I’m Dog – Jester Jacobs

Using the instrumental from Clams Casino’s “I’m God”, Jester Jacobs wrote the rap “I’m Dog” about everything that goes into being a dog. According to the music video’s description, all filming and editing was done by dogs.

4. Backyard Dog – Erich Pobatshing 

When Erich Pobatshing’s dog was injured, he did what any responsible owner would do: wrote a song to raise money for his dog’s veterinary bills. The song is a parody in the style of a 1980s hairband and stars Erich’s dog as the music video’s heroine.

5. Forever Home – Freddy B.

“Forever Home” is a country ballad by YouTube user FreddyB about the mutual rescuing that occurs when one adopts a dog from a shelter. “I rescued him that day,” Freddy B coos, “or did he rescue me?” In the song’s description, Freddy B writes that he has donated over $20,000 to help abused animals from the proceeds from his music sales.

Featured image via Brendan Biondi

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 15, 2016