Determined Stray Refuses To Be Homeless And Strolls Right Into A Rescue Clinic

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 30, 2015

In an act of loyalty, helplessness, or adoration for these humans (I haven’t decided), a tenacious “Meximutt,” as Santa Rosa rescue Compassion Without Borders calls him, absolutely refuses to be homeless anymore. The “neighborhood” stray was brought to the rescue’s veterinary clinic by a very generous woman to be neutered, and that’s really where his new story life begins.

After the woman took the little guy back to her neighborhood in Mexico, she couldn’t hang onto him for long. The very next day the dog found his way back to the clinic and nearly broke the doors down to get inside.


Let’s just say this pup isn’t going anywhere, and it’s mostly because he won’t leave again. Compassion Without Borders plans to bring him north to find him a permanent home—and with all that determination, this dog really deserves it.

Oh, and when asked for possible names, one Facebook commenter suggested “Boomerang (Boomer for short) – he came back to you!” The rescue loves it, and quite frankly, so do we. But Boomer, when you get to your forever home, just—just stay there, okay?

Sometimes you get to rescue yourself.This sweet boy was brought in as a "neighborhood" dog to be neutered at our clinic in Mexico a few days ago by a nice woman who was brining in her own dog. He did well, recovered, and went back to the area with the woman.Then, the day after he left, who showed up all by himself at the door of or clinic other than this handsome fellow. He just strolled up on his own, asking to be left in, and now refuses to leave.We double checked with the woman who brought him in to confirms he belongs to no one, just roams the colony, which is very common in the area. She let us know he has nowhere to call home and has been around for many months.So, looks like we have another clever Meximutt to head north for our next rescue.Any ideas on names?

Posted by Compassion Without Borders on Sunday, October 25, 2015

H/t Compassion Without Borders

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

October 30, 2015