Study Finally Confirms That Dogs Are Simply Better Company Than People

14723675_369580490053744_3691755889649254400_n It’s like in Psych 101 when you learned that people can have different personalities. Sometimes you just need science to prove what you knew all along. In a survey of hundreds of pet owners, it became clear that there is not a whole lot that can get between a dog and her human: • 61% of pet parents would end a relationship for their pet. More than half of the participants would trust their dog’s judgement before their mother’s. My mother still wears shoulder pads so that makes sense. • Over 1/4 of pet parents have brought their dogs on a date. Those who didn’t make up the 61% who would to end a relationship for their pet. Heck, I would end a life for my pet, if I had to. Just kidding! Maybe…

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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