Time To Add Another To The List Of Questionable Puppy Super Bowl Commercials

It seems you can’t turn anywhere lately without some website, news site, or person remarking that this year, the Super Bowl ads have gone to the puppies. From Budweiser and GoDaddy to Mountain Dew, dogs are running amuck!

But we’ve also noticed something else in this pooch trend. With the exception of Budweiser, many of the ads seem to be ruffling the feathers-and fur-of animals lovers, especially when it comes to seemingly highlighting questionable breeding practices.

Take, for instance, GoDaddy’s commercial. Their ad was actually pulled from airing during the Super Bowl, due to the outcry it caused among animal welfare groups (not to mention dog lovers everywhere).

Then, there’s this latest ad by FirstBank, a financial company based out of Colorado. Although this ad isn’t set to run nationally, the company has already posted the commercial online for all to view, ahead of the game. The ad comes in two spots.

First this:

Then this:

We love puppies in commercials, don’t get us wrong. We’re just not sure some of these ad campaigns are getting the puppy love sentiment quite…right. Other than, of course, Budweiser, whose commercial is set to pull all your heartstrings with its adorable happy ending.

Nonetheless, we are excited to see if the big game brings any new puppy commercials, and hope advertisers learn lessons from previous contenders who have found themselves…benched.

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h/t to Mashable

Lisa Bernier

7 years ago