These Gorgeous Dogs Steal The Show In Tegan And Sara’s New Music Video

If you shed a tear every time you see one of those ASPCA commercials on TV (and, c'mon, we all do), you might want to reach for the tissue box before viewing "100x," the new video from Synth-Pop band Tegan and Sara. tegan sara dogs gif Nothing makes us cry more than beautiful dogs and sad music. And Tegan and Sara's latest music video is just that. Perfectly coifed hair? Check. shihtzu gif Beyonce-worthy wind machines? Check. bluehairedmoving gif A sweeping melody coupled with thoughtful lyrics? Sure, sure. Good job, humans. But also, like, longing glances to camera? Check. greyhair gif It's clear the shining stars of this break-up ballad video aren't Tegan, or Sara, or even Tegan and Sara. It's these perfectly groomed, pensive pups. Even the set is filled with quirky dog art, from pup portarits to Lisa Frank-esque Pomeranian pieces to a totally kitschy sculpture of a Poodle. Basically, there isn't a dog-less moment in sight. Capturing the puppies in all their slow-mo-wind-swept-glory is dog groomer/director Jess Rona, who will soon become your favorite Instagram account. brownie gif Check out Tegan and Sara's full music video below: The band's new album “Love You To Death” releases on 6/3. Be sure to check it out -- as well as more doggy diva videos on Jess Rona's Instagram. [bp_related_article]
Featured image via Tegan and Sara/YouTube

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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