The 11 Types Of Dogs You’ll Meet At A Super Adoption Event

Do you dream of being surrounded by hundreds of dogs waiting for your undivided attention and love? Then we’ve found the perfect Super Adoption event for you! Best Friends Animal Society is holding one of their awesome Super Adoption events this weekend (December 11-13) in New York City! The adoption event brings together 600 adoptable dogs and puppies that are all looking for the homes that they deserve. adoption event new For those of you who may not know, Best friends Animal Society runs one of the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuaries. They are constantly working to combat puppy mills by encouraging adoptions rather than buying pups. The organization collaborates with rescue groups around the country to hold fundraisers, public education campaigns, and (my favorite) pop up adoption events like the Super Adoption. la super adoption event new Besides the cute overload, Super Adoptions are great because all of the adoptable dogs are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped! super adoption event new Still not convinced today’s the day to add another member to your pack? Here are just a few of the many types of pups you're bound to meet at a Super Adoption! 1. Of course you'll meet PUPPIES.  giphy 3 2. Purebred Dogs sp 1 new 3. Mutts of all kind sp4 new 4. Smoochers  ;) 


5. Happy Pups sp2 new 6. Nibblers sp7 new 7. Fluffbutts sp6 new 8. Multicolored Dogs sp5 new 9. Dogs with pointy ears. sp3 new 10. Dogs with floppy ears. floppy ears new 11. And hopefully your new best friend. :) adoption event Drooling to bring one home? Check out to learn more about this weekends event! To learn more about Best Friends Animal Society and other Super Adoption events check out

Melina Giakas

6 years ago

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