The best boofs in all the land

We asked you to show us your dogs’ boofs and show us you did! There is nothing like a boof to crack us up. Except maybe a harumph. Debbie Scott sent us this excellent boofer. boof-debbie “I know I seem really chill, squirrel, and that’s because I am. But don’t come too close, because I am not afraid to bark. Consider this a warning boof.” This boof came courtesy of Kathryn Helt. arf-arf-boof-arf-arf “Mommmmmmm stahp taking the videos!! It’s time for dinner!!” The hanger boof is also common among humans. You know when the pizza delivery is taking longer than expected? #Boof! Finally, we have the boof to say hello from Kelsey Erisman. bwoof-there-it-is It’s totally normal and completely legitimate to watch this video on a loop for upwards of 25 minutes. This husky is like a “Hey Girl” meme come to life. In fact, if Ryan Gosling doesn’t start saying “boof” to all the ladies on the red carpet, he’s doing something very wrong.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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