The best boofs in all the land

We asked you to show us your dogs’ boofs and show us you did! There is nothing like a boof to crack us up. Except maybe a harumph.

Debbie Scott sent us this excellent boofer.


“I know I seem really chill, squirrel, and that’s because I am. But don’t come too close, because I am not afraid to bark. Consider this a warning boof.”

This boof came courtesy of Kathryn Helt.


“Mommmmmmm stahp taking the videos!! It’s time for dinner!!” The hanger boof is also common among humans. You know when the pizza delivery is taking longer than expected? #Boof!

Finally, we have the boof to say hello from Kelsey Erisman.


It’s totally normal and completely legitimate to watch this video on a loop for upwards of 25 minutes. This husky is like a “Hey Girl” meme come to life. In fact, if Ryan Gosling doesn’t start saying “boof” to all the ladies on the red carpet, he’s doing something very wrong.

Jared Smith

7 years ago