The Most Patriotic Pups You’ve Ever Seen (HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!)

Written by: Stephanie Figy

July 3, 2014

These dogs ruv USA, and are repping stars and stripes to show their support. Dog bless America!

1. “These flag ears are even worse than the cat ones you made me wear on Halloween.”


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2. “Does freedom mean I can has cheezburger now?”


Image via Fidose of Reality

3. “I don’t know…do you think anyone ever needs patriotic dog chaps? Um, yesh.”


Image via College Candy

4. “Yes, yes, these are all for me. I’m pawsitively pawnored to be included in the festivities.”


Image via inkknife_2000, Flickr

5. “Hey guys, where da pawty at?”


Image via RDI Building

6. “Uncle Sam wants you…to scratch his butt.”


Image via Downtown Pet’s NYC Dog Blog

7. “Please don’t tell my fur-riends. I’m not at liberty to discuss this situation.”


Image via Love to Know Costumes

8. “Amelia Earhart’s got nuthin’ on me. I fly high, you know dis.” #Ballin


Image via randysonofrobert, Flickr

9. “Hey girl, you want to hang out under the grill tonight, grab some hot dawgz? My treat.”


Image via Pet MD

10. “Staring out at the majesty that is a three-day weekend.”

regal usa pup

Image via I Heart Miles

Written by: Stephanie Figy

July 3, 2014