Five Facts About Air Bud That Will Save You From Awkward Silences

Written by: Ashley Hefnawy

March 1, 2016

It’s the start of March Madness and you’re stuck in the elevator with your boss, but know absolutely nothing about sports. What do you do? Bring up Michael Jordan? LeBron James? Or admit that you know absolutely nothing about college basketball? You could. Or, you could stand out from the all the other pups and wow them with your knowledge of the greatest sports icon of all time…Air Bud. 😉 Because let’s face it, no one can deny a glorious golden fluffball in a jersey.

1. “Air Buddy” otherwise known as Buddy, was the dog actor that played Air Bud in the first two films.


2. He also played the role of Comet on Full House for 6 seasons, and Fluke in the movie Fluke.


3. Buddy was found as a stray dog, and then adopted by Kevin Di Cicco in real life. Di Cicco is responsible for training Buddy to play basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, and football.


4. The Golden was originally discovered on America’s Funniest Home Videos, and then later, on David Letterman.


5. And was even nominated for a Kids Choice Award in 1998.


BONUS: The original film makes it seem like pudding cups give Buddy special basketball powers. The truth is, pudding will unfortunately not give your dog any special powers, besides the power to clear out a room with their fart. So please, don’t try this at home. =p

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Written by: Ashley Hefnawy

March 1, 2016