Awesome New Website Celebrates Pit Bull-Loving Families

What kind of family has a Pit Bull for a pet? This one does: 12552722_575769679254588_6376033625323191633_n
Hi everyone! We are Erin (a corporate trainer) and Kenny (an accountant) from Mableton, GA. We're your neighbors and these are our pets Bentley and Ivy.Nice to meet you! ‪#‎thisisyourneighborspet‬
And this bunch of sillies: 10405414_565692376928985_3926211187595256073_n
Hello, we're Paul and Chrissy from Palm Beach, FL. We're your neighbors and this is our pet Ruca. Paul works in Sales and Chrissy works at a no - kill animal shelter. #thisisyourneighborspet
Along with these guys here: We're Chad and Lisa from Roswell, GA. We're your neighbors and these are our pets Bernie and Sawyer. Nice to meet you. #thisisyourneighborspet
We're Chad and Lisa from Roswell, GA. We're your neighbors and these are our pets Bernie and Sawyer. Nice to meet you. #thisisyourneighborspet
This adorable couple as well: "Hello And goodness, could this kiss be any sweeter?
[caption id="attachment_85788" align="alignnone" width="600"]"Hello! Hello! We're Steve and Marlee from Birmingham, AL. We're your neighbors and this is our pet Izzy. Our photographer Brian Batista captured these photos at a recent session and Izzy obviously was a star. Nice to meet you![/caption]
Johanna Falber, founder of the dog advocacy group Stubby's Heroes, began collecting photos of Pit Bull-loving families a couple of months ago for a new project called This Is Your Neighbor's Pet. She'd originally thought of calling it This Is Your Neighbor's Pit, but the URL for that name was already taken -- and anyway, Falber tells BarkPost, this name is better. "The reason we showcase people with their pit bulls is that we truly believe that when people realize who really cares for these dogs, maybe they'll come around," she says. "My thinking is that if people realize that nice people have these dogs, they'll associate the dogs as nice, and eventually, more as pets than Pit Bulls." She's had hundreds of submissions already, which are posted to the This Is Your Neighbor's Pet Facebook page and website. And Falber is looking for more -- especially from folks who live near areas with breed-specific legislation (laws that ban or restrict ownership of dog by breed, especially  affecting pits), or who have encountered anti-pit discrimination. Falber hopes that these lovely pictures will help usher the world toward a place pits are understood to be just like any other dog -- toward a place where This Is Your Neighbor's Pet basically puts itself out of business. "We hope and wish to one day not be needed," says Falber. "We want our dogs to one day just be considered pets. Until then, we'll keep working on sharing how wonderful our dogs are."
I'm Johanna from Lawrenceville, GA. I'm your neighbor and this is my pet Polly. Nice to meet Posted by This Is Your Neighbor's Pet on Tuesday, October 13, 2015
If you want to participate -- which, yes, you do -- upload your photos at The photos should have at least one hooman family member in them, along with everyone's name and location.
Featured image via This Is Your Neighbor

Arin Greenwood

6 years ago

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