This Company Is Paying Dog Owners To Change Their Pup’s Name To Jeremy

U.K. life insurance company Beagle Street is asking people to take a page from their neurotic spokesdog, Jeremy. By giving their own dogs the same moniker, folks can get back a bit of the money they spent like crazy these past couple months. You see, Jeremy worries a lot, and he is especially protective of his family---particularly from the dangers of the family pants. jeremy He's a good boy, though. Folks who agree to make the change and post their pup's mug on Twitter with the hashtag #Jeremy will receive a brand new collar with the name along with £100 pounds. beagle_money And the madness has begun. [bp_related_article] With Bouncer here...
... and Heston...
... and handsome Jax.
A whopping 10 pup parents who dub their dog Jeremy between January 7th and 14th will get the dough. Frankly, we're more impressed with Jeremy's argumentative skills than his name, but I digress. Goodbye Max and Bella, hello Jeremy!
H/t Irish Examiner

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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