Volunteer Turns Trembling Pup Into Grinning Lovebug Who’s Looking For A Forever Home

Written by: Levity Tomkinson

May 26, 2016

The video taken of Aoi, a gray and white Staffordshire Terrier mix, after she spent her first night at the Carson Animal Care Center (CACC) shows a dog who is extremely afraid and doesn’t understand the new environment that she is in.

aoi 6

Aoi’s eyes seemingly plead with those who are recording her. She pins her ears to the back of her head, which only makes the trembling of her body that much more noticeable.

In addition to experiencing the stress of being in a kennel that is quite common in shelter dogs, this could very likely be Aoi’s first extended stay in an enclosed form of shelter. Taken to the shelter by her family of over five years due to the fact that they were moving, her previous family told the shelter that Aoi spent most of her time outdoors.


But now, the dog who was “extremely fearful” in that video is no longer recognizable. Katherine Rosales, an Animal Care Attendant at CACC, shared with BarkPost that:

Aoi loves to run, she’s energetic, loves belly rubs, and has a ‘bubbly’ personality.

aoi 4

Much of Aoi’s growth could be attributed to a volunteer who has taken a special interest in Aoi.

When Aoi was impounded at the facility, she did not try to engage in interaction and would just turn away out of fear. She was scared when she was taken out of her kennel but after a few weeks of working with her, she became comfortable and excited to be taken out of the play area. Volunteer Ashley [Andrade] would spend lots of time with her and talking her.

As Katherine noted to us, even though Ashley is a volunteer and not staff, she has “tried to heavily network [Aoi]” and “has spent an immense amount of time with her.”

aoi 3

Even with Ashley’s networking, Aoi has been at the shelter for two months and in what is a perplexing situation to Katherine, seems to go unnoticed by potential adopters.

Aoi is approachable when [the] public walks by her kennel but unfortunately, she gets ignored. She’s a quiet girl so that might make her not stand out BUT when she is out of her kennel, she is a handful of energy! She loves…our volunteer, Ashley… She becomes extremely excited and eager to be taken out.

aoi 5

Just as with any dog and setting them up for success, Katherine believes that for Aoi to continue her growth, her future adopters will need to continue to work with her.

Aoi needs a patient new owner that is going to spend months working with her, socializing her, and training her. Although she is sweet, she is still unsure of how exactly she is supposed to be acting.

aoi 1

While Aoi is a larger dog, that doesn’t stop her from ensuring that she receives quality snuggle time.

Aoi’s most endearing quality would be the fact that she thinks she is a 3 lb. puppy and loves [to] sit on your lap and cuddle with you!

As for Aoi’s favorite volunteer, Ashley, she only has one wish for Aoi.

I would love to see her in a forever home and that’s what I want for her. To leave the shelter and [go] in to a loving home and never see her [at the shelter] again, that’s the goal.

aoi 2

If you’re interested in making Aoi your newest family member, you may visit her at the Carson Animal Care Center in Carson, California by requesting a “play pass” so that you can have one–on–one interaction with her. You can also view her adorable head tilt and adoption profile by clicking here.


Written by: Levity Tomkinson

May 26, 2016

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