12 Reasons The Most Unimpressed Dog In The World Remains Utterly Unimpressed

This picture of a dog who would rather be home than standing on some stupid mountain is still one of our favorite memes. Originally posted on Reddit in 2013 (and recently reposted in 2016), this dog continues to be unimpressed, for these 12 very important reasons! 1. You dragged a carsick dog 2,500 miles for this? Was it worth it? WAS IT? Think of all the times I barfed. Think of all the barf you cleaned up. Think about the barf you don't even know about yet. most unimpressed dog copy 2. We could've just as easily Googled pictures of the Grand Canyon. I'm just saying. most unimpressed dog copy 3. When I was 3 years old, I caught my own tail. In my mouth. Since that day, nothing has or ever will impress me again. most unimpressed dog copy 4. You know what's impressive? Those dogs that can ride scooters. most unimpressed dog copy 5. Why do you keep saying "Cheese!" when there is clearly no cheese? It's f*cked up. most unimpressed dog copy 6. You know what's even more satisfying than this view? Finishing Making of a Murderer. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE US EMBARK ON A ROAD TRIP IN THE MIDDLE OF BINGE-WATCHING MAKING OF A MURDERER?! most unimpressed dog copy 7. The thing is, I'm just...way...too...stoned for this. most unimpressed dog copy 8. Haven't you ever seen pictures from The Hubble telescope? Now that's a view. most unimpressed dog copy 9. Why would I be impressed? Another year has come and gone and the world still reeks of cats. most unimpressed dog copy 10. Do you remember that time I pooped three times on one walk? I didn't even know that was possible. IT WAS UNPRECEDENTED. Now look out at that view again. Not so impressive anymore, huh? most unimpressed dog copy 11. Maybe it'd be more impressive if I could see color? All I see is gray. Lots and lots of gray. most unimpressed dog copy 12. If I had to sum it up, I'd say that being impressed simply does not impress me. most unimpressed dog copy  

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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