Dogs Are Being Used To Explain Body Positivity To Children, And It’s Pretty Great

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 9, 2016

We love all pups equally, no matter what their body types, right? So why not teach that to our children as a model of body acceptance?

An interesting theory on body positivity is to explain the different sizes and shapes of bodies to young children by pointing out the different dog breeds to them with no judgment. A Facebook post by a body positivity group says the model of dogs looking different with no judgment is a model for how humans can explain different human bodies to their children to help them accept body diversity.

“Some are long and lean, some have a lot of muscle, others are round and soft, some tiny, some large, and we never expect them to be anything other than how they were born,” Jodie at Healthy Balance Fitness in Melbourne, Australia, writes on the Facebook page of the Body Moderation Movement:


“We don’t judge a Labrador for not looking like a Greyhound. It would be completely ludicrous to choose one type of dog as the ‘most beautiful’ and then tease, shame, bully and entice all other dogs to achieve the same look. Ridiculous, right? Yet, our culture pressures all human bodies to look one way.”

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It’s true, we love all different types of pups with no judgment about their bodies. It’s certainly a model of understanding to look at when we’re trying to explain to growing hoomans that they should never hate their bodies just because they don’t look like the model on the cover of a magazine.

Featured image via Body Moderation Movement

Written by: Sarah Kaufman

May 9, 2016