This Dog Spent 597 Days In the Shelter Until Something Magic Happened

Paige became a shelter resident on March 8, 2013. Despite her sweet disposition, adopters continued to overlook her. paige2 She watched her rescue mates leave for their furever homes, but each night she went back to her shelter bed. paigee The shelter staff gave this good girl lots of ruv. They saw her potential when no one else did. A year went by, and they sent out pleas on social media hoping someone would fall in love with her as they had. "I've been here over a year... Please give me my chance." paigedolledup Unfortunately, the pleas didn't work. That is, until this Halloween, when they decided to try again... paigewaits Her photo went viral, with more than 60 thousand shares and a reach of seven million. A week after they posted the photo, Paige finally got her chance! paigegoeshome Happy tails, Paige! Photos via Franklin County Humane Society Planned Pethood & Adoption Center

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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