17 Types Of Couples That Are Way Less Annoying As Dogs

Written by: Melina Giakas

February 23, 2015

“Ugh, that’s so obnoxious.”
-When you see two humans making out.

“OMG that’s adorable.”
-When you see two dogs doing the same thing.

1. The Snuggle-Butt Couple

“She’s always making my paw fall asleep, but she’s too cute to move.”

r1Image via @Canadog

2. The Pawty Pups

When your boyfriend surprises you with a weekend getaway. Win!

15FullSizeRender[1]Image via @stellathefrenchpup

3. The Barbie and Ken Couple

“He lets me ride shotgun and never complains about my dog breath. He’s a better dog than I’ll ever be.”

7FullSizeRender2Image via @2happyhavanese

 4. The Fighters Who Love To Make Up

We bark and sometimes bite, but it’s what makes us, us. #LoveTakesCompawmise

11FullSizeRender[2]Image via @babaandjojo

 5. The PDA Couple

“Yeah, keep drooling, this Frenchie’s all mine!”

REAL13FullSizeRender[4]Image via @porkchopfrenchie

 6. The Couch Potatoes

“He binge-watches Glee with me, but I know he secretly likes it.”

FullSizeRender[1]Image via @brabancon_raidenandyoshi

 7. The Experimental Couple

“We didn’t know this would go viral. No comment.”

16FullSizeRender[2]Image via @toastmeetsworld

 8. The Old Timers

“She still smells just like the first day I sniffed her butt.”

FullSizeRender[4]Image via @rufusandrosie

9. The Unlikely Pair

“Dogs are always asking about our heights, but we’re the same size lying down. ;)”

6FullSizeRender[1]Image via @marniethedog

 10. The Odd Couple

“My dad started seeing her mom, so we’re sort of step-pups? We try not to think about it too much.”

FullSizeRender[2]Image via @rocco_roni

 11. The Benchwarmers

“We met at the dog park. He had me at woof.”

3FullSizeRender[2]Image via @bringyourfurryfriend

 12. The Puppy Love Affair

We would go out for walks at the same time every morning, I always saw her sniffing my poop.

4FullSizeRender[3]Image via @vivien_zq

 13. Beauty and the Geek

“His favorite book is Crime and Punishment, and I read Cosmo. We balance each other out.”

5FullSizeRender[4]Image via @penny_and_finn

 14. The Adventurers

“We were hiking; she offered to share her water dish.”

FullSizeRenderImage via @sonnythesetter

 15. The Doppelgangers

“They say you’re attracted to pups that look like you. I don’t get it.”

8FullSizeRenderImage via @tinkandmeek

 16. The Vacationers

“We’ve worn matching shirts in three continents and eleven countries so far.”

12FullSizeRender[3]Image via @daelanandharley

 17. The Free Spirits

“Sometimes we go on a cell phone diet and just roll in the grass for hours. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.”

FullSizeRender[3]Image via @rocco_roni

Written by: Melina Giakas

February 23, 2015

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