16 Chic Dogs Giving Better Face Than Derek Zoolander

In honor of the upcoming sequel to arguably the most influential movie since Gone With The Wind, Zoolander 2 is sure to exceed expectations with its bevy of celeb cameo appearances and sure to be awesome ~lewks~. Although not everyone is capable of producing Blue Steel quite like Zoolander himself, these pups sure know how to hold their own when in front of the camera. 1. "Every sidewalk is my runway. Now take me to that fire hydrant, human." diva wind 2. "Pink is definitely the new black." pink fluf 3. "Look ma! I found my light! And my folds!" yogi 4. "The hottest trend this season is decorative doggy throat wreaths." throat wreathes 5. "Instagram modeling counts, right? Wait, it doesn't?!" Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.56.52 PM 6. "Denim is very 2003. Please don't make me stay in this outfit much longer." jean 7. "Yes. I am comfortable with nudity." nudity 8. "The hand modeling industry is not for the faint of heart." hand model 9. "This pose has been done so many times before, but fine I'll say it: 'Sketch me like one of your French girls!'" titanic 10. "Make sure you get my good side!" make sure you get my good side 11. "Hold on I wasn't ready for the camera. Oh, it's still a gorgeous picture of me? Yeah. I know. Tyra got her first gig from her passport photo." old baby 12. "I think the hair stylist for this shoot was drunk." puff ball 13. "I'm allowed to keep these after the shoot, right?" not a diva 14. "No makeup. No airbrush. No retouching!" no makeup unretouchd! 15. One day I shall grace the cover of Kings Magazine. 1516617_166776153678381_999864936_n 16. BLUE. STEEL. BLUE STEEL

Feature image (dog) via @whatromeosaid

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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